• 24 Hour control room
  • Protection of the core products & assets
  • White-collar crime unit liaison with the investigating unit on salient matters
  • Regular reporting & consulting with clients
  • 24 Hour pedestrian access control
  • Material controls ( Waybills & on loan etc. )
  • Monitoring of deliveries & collections
  • Verification of off-site repairs
  • Regular random searches I.T.O. Minerals Act 50/96
  • Distribution of appropriate information to asset protection management
  • 24 Hour reaction
  • Risk management where we supply security audits for clients & advise on security measures to be taken
  • Physical guards
  • Armed & unarmed guards
  • Patrol guards
  • Dog Handlers
  • 24 Hour mobile supervision
  • 24 Hour armed response
  • VIP protection ( Body guarding )
  • Investigations
  • Clandestine operations
  • Security guards patrolling sites or doing duty in shopping centers are according to us the best form of security.
  • They are present in person, they can see what’s happening, evaluate the situation at hand and act accordingly.

At On Site security we believe that a neat, clean, disciplined and well mannered security guard, will underline one of our many outlooks to become a successful and expanded security service provider.


We provide a professional service to the community by installing alarms and the monitoring thereof. The necessity of installing Intruder Detection Systems cannot be stressed enough. 

Detection systems must abide by the laid down regulations of SAIDSA ( South African Intruder Detection Service Association )